Man alive, I love Calvary Chapel! I had an inspiring, restful, fun-filled weekend with the most amazing friends. The things I see God doing thru the people of Calvary is so rad. AND I’M PART OF IT! This church is on fire. They are sincere and welcoming and inclusive and everything I could hope for in a community. I love that I am pushed out of my comfort zone. I am encouraged to do my own research. I am encouraged to live connected in service and fellowship  They keep it real and in order. There is not a shadow of a doubt that God led me to Chattanooga to find Calvary. My heart is so happy.


the weekend started friday after work. we met up at the church and loaded up in the vans. the instant the van door closed, i had a panic attack. too many people, too small of a space. my claustrophobia set in and i set out.. thank goodness my friend Keely was driving her own vehicle up to the camp.. crisis averted. Doe River Gorge is about 3.5 hours from Chattanooga. Keely and I had easy conversation about nothing in particular and were there before we knew it. The air was crisp. The smell of grass and dirt and nighttime was stirring. I was wide awake with wonder and excitement.


  • ouch. not as resilient as i was last time i attended church camp. shoulders and back are killing me. #thisisthirty
  • breakfast on the porch and morning devotional (studying 2 peter this weekend). its COLD! i love it!
  • morning worship. awesome time of praise. Ritchie gives an overview of 2 peter.
  • signed up for activies– decided to forgo horseback riding for something called a unimog.
  • took a train ride (et&nwc) thru the woods…stunning!
  • rolled down a grassy hill (on purpose)
  • played cornhole for too long = sunburn
  • did some back porch sittin’ in comfortable silence with Lindsey (i value that in a friendship..comfortable silence) after a good sit, we went creek wading. I love that she is always down for an adventure.
  • UNIMOG was so rad.. think 1970s hummer-esque open air truck. Off-roading thru the mountain and creek.
  • evening worship.. i appreciate order in a message. that was my take-away
  • sat by the camp fire and made smores. #happyfox
  • played Heads Up..belly laughed..JenSchu IS Mindy Grayson  ..im awful at accents
  • went to bed entirely too late


  • breakfast and devotional..really loving the SOAP method for independent bible study
  • my small group makes it easy to be vulnerable. i appreciate that.
  • morning worship diving in to 2 peter 2 with Andy. Really thick subject matter but he navigated it clearly and efficiently.
  • i love our praise band. so spirit-led. ..Hallelujah ..Name above all..Simply to speak your name is praise.. how gorgeous is that lyric?? (rising sun by all sons & daughters)
  • LAKE DAY! found a surprisingly chic one piece suit at target! it was so great to spend the day on the water.. they have an awesome set up.. zip lines, water basketball and volleyball, blob, inflatable slide #allthethings
  • was probably a little too competitive playing volleyball
  • 21 questions my new friend Paige.  Such a sweet spirit and overall rad gal.
  • 8 girls got ready for dinner in just under an hour. low maintenance friends are the best friends
  • Full of calzone and quickly losing steam…
  • great night of praise and worship and the word. feeling God’s presence is indescribable.
  • early to bed tonight.. missed out on star-gazing..shoulders are KILLING me..


  • Packed up, had a quick breakfast and hit the road south to Chattanooga.


Cant say enough great things about Ritchie and Andy and everyone who lent a helping hand to make this weekend happen. My heart is happy, my soul refreshed. #blessed

xoxo jfox



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